Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wedding, Orchids & THE PRINTS ARRIVE!

So, its been a little hectic again!
Went to Plymouth the other day for a friend's wedding, and what a good event it was! It was great to catch up with people I haven't gotten around to seeing in agesss.

I picked up the orchids from my friends Terry and Lorna, so a big THANKS! To them.
12 orchids is many! 
So I've taken 6 back to Falmouth, and given one away to the tea shop, as I just don't have the space, and I'd like more people than just me to enjoy the beauty of it! I'll make sure its well taken care of!

I managed to clean my room and kitchen today, and feel much better for it!

I also made some little desserts that look far better than they taste. Damn you tofu for not being anywhere near as good as yoghurt. 

Here are the prints I had done as well! Once I've been to the post office to figure out pricing, I'll put them up for sale on here, and perhaps finally get round to doing the whole etsy thing? :S

Here's my new babies

Many prints and cards for you guys to buy!

This is Paphiopedilum maudiae
its 2nd or 3rd flowering since I've had it!

This is another slipper orchid I think. I reckon it will look like a purple version of P. maudiae above. Though it didn't transport too well, so I'm hoping its still going to flower for me! *fingers crossed!* its like an early birthday present when an orchid finally flowers, because they may only flower once a year or once every several years! Would never want to miss the chance to see the flowers!
When orchids start off, it may take up to 7 years before they have their first blooms, incredible plants, I really do love them.

This orchid I paired with some local fresh picked flowers and bamboo, to try my hand at a bit of Ikebana, or flower arranging. This is the orchid that went to the tea shop. It's so beautiful!

And this is the other one I tried. 
This one got to stay with me though, really interesting petals on this one!

My new tea drinking/orchid admiring space. 
I shall spend many an hour sitting and staring out the window, or at the orchids, drinking tea and watching the world hurry by.

Looks tasty! 
Not so tasty. Damn you silken tofu.

Steaming hot cup of puerh to christen the space!

Aaaand thats all for now.
Keep your eyes on the blog this week, I'll be putting up some sort of payment thing if you want to buy any prints or cards.

Ta dears!

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