Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Visiting Plymouth, MAC & Beautiful Cookbooks

I've just returned from a quick foray into the land of Plymouth to see a couple of lovely friends, my amazing mother and my beloved dog.
Its been nice to have a change of scenery,  but also eye opening. 
I always feel slightly sad when I come back to Plymouth, I think its because I really have found the sense of community down here much nicer. I feel sad for the people in Plymouth that don't get to experience it, and often don't realise that camaraderie like we get in Fal even exists!

Still, I had a great time, and got to go to a BIG bookstore, and MAC makeup (my guilty pleasure).

I treated myself to a new lipstick and some blusher... which I've never put near my face before, but it was really nice when the lady put it on! So, lets hope I can recreate that.

Now you know me and books... its just about all I ever buy apart from tea and vintage clothes.
So what was I eye-ing up this time? 
Traditional recipes from different cultures.
I want to cook with good ingredients and create good authentic food.
 I'm thinking of starting to get a veg box from a local farm, I'm hoping one of my housemates will split the cost with me and share it. 

Oh, and I found this interesting book, which Miss Danny Alexander might be interested in...
Had some good stuff, had some naff stuff... but overall...good?

So, here are the delicious cookbooks I found!

The Iraqi cookbook looks really interesting, delicious looking foods I could never even have dreamed of!

Falling cloudberries looks promising but I skimmed over it.
Creole cooking excites me (apart from all the deep frying) but mainly tasty fish dishes.

 Thai Food... authentic recipes and tales... could it get any better? Well yes, possibly if there were a few more recipes to the amount of story that happens in the songs of Sapa.

La Cucina weighed in as a hefty and interesting looking competitor for my money... however, it reads like an encyclopedia, and has NO images. Big no no for me. Not even a little spot illustration of some pasta. Nada. 

The Book of Tapas on the other hand looks simply fantastic, and has pictures for every dish! What a contrast! I think I will definitely buy this book at some point, as I'm looking for small dishes to create, but perhaps to have a few of them at any one time. Delish!

Now, the motherload. 
They all look fantastic, but which one to choose? Seemingly all good recipes, but I finally decided to get Casa Moro because it seemed to contain the most authentic recipes, that haven't been changed. And thats the key to what im looking for. 

Next up is Leon, fabulous, well designed books. I bought the ingredients and recipes book... firstly because its all about the ingredients, seasonality and other things that we should ALL KNOW, but have forgotten due to buying all our food from the supermarkets from all over the world.
Secondly, because my friend Danny has the other one, and together we shall unite and create amazing foods. Hopefully a veg patch too at some point!

 Mexican food looked promising for the making of salsas... 
Didn't get a chance to look inside tuscany, but I was merely impressed by the nice cover.

I really want Food From Many Greek Kitchens, it promises authentic recipes, and tradition and cultural information to boot. Definite thumbs up. Same for Indonesian Food by Sri Owen.

365 Reasons to sit down and eat... exactly what it says on the cover. A veritable cookery calendar, except your wall might just come down under the weight of the book.
Still, I would also love this book.

But one at a time eh?
For the meanwhile I've ordered Casa Moro and Leon -Ingredients and Recipes.
I feel the need to assimilate them into my brain before I attempt any other things.

Next on the list is Food from many greek kitchens and possibly Iraqi food or the Tapas book.


Sketchbook work from Plymouth to come soon!


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  1. I love the LEON cook books! I think the first one even has a sticker page.