Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tabasco, Tea & Etsy

Why hello there chaps and chapesses.
Yes, I'm drinking tea from a glass tea pot. 
Thats just how crazy things have become.


You can see my dinner.

And after dinner tea.

I've fallen in love with the tabasco label. It's amazing.
I'm going to get a good print of it, quite big, and frame it, and hang it in diamond formation.
All of these dreams, so little time/moneys.

But yes, so I decided to show my love for tabasco (essential for a good gumbo) and paint it in all its glory.

 Look at me trying to be all artsy with the soft focus.
Couldn't get one part to be like that, and the other to be in focus.
Anyone able to help me out?

P.S... check out my new etsy shop.
I bid you a good eve, and tip my teapot in salute to all you fine peoples.

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