Saturday, 13 August 2011

Progress at Last, Procrastinatin' & Piercing

The three P's!
I've been in a bit of an artistic funk this week, I don't know why. 
I think I'm going stir crazy with no one in the house.

Still, I get to go on back home to Plymouth for 3 days next weekend, so thats alright.

Im working on illustrating an alligator talking to a tree, reaching for the sky with her branches. And if that wasn't hard enough, I'm attempting to show half of it above water and half underwater.
So here folks, are the thumbnails.

I'm rather fond of the tonal composition. I quite like trying to figure out the lights and darks before I paint, because colour tends to be a completely different ballgame. Often, I can't for the life of me get the tonals to transcribe into full colour without losing something of the original charm.
With the colour thumbnail, you can see I'm struggling. Bearing in mind they are smaller than my palm, and I'm trying to get them done quickly. I'm happy with the overall colour scheme of the underwater section, its just figuring out how the above water section will be noticeably different, yet still tied in with the colours of the underwater. Anyhow, I've confused myself, let alone anyone else.
I'm going to stop rambling,

and tell you 
that I got my nose pierced.
I never knew the inside of my nose could bruise, but by god it has. 
Strange that the outside hasn't too.

And I got my fringe trimmed for free today :)
Watched 3 episodes of mad men, and I have it in my mind to watch one more before the night is out.
I think that thats the last one of series one! 
I'm quite slow at watching series' and so I thought I'd do some serious tv watching, as I don't usually watch tv at all. 

So yes. More artwork to come soon (fingers crossed) hope that I can get out of my rut.


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