Tuesday, 30 August 2011

LEON, Craft Britain & Farmers Market

What a glorious day!
I got a pay raise which I never expected, and then I spent the day at the tea shop with David and Chenxi,
so all in all very relaxing!
I also did all my food shopping for the week from the farmers market, the baker and the grocers. 

My cookbooks came, and I had a couple of brainwaves for projects.

I also drew Pooka a million times.

I've been featured on an amazing blog about art, craft and design in Britain.
Take a look! 

Please spread the word about the blog/website, as it benefits all the little people like me by getting more exposure! And it reveals some pretty gems that would possibly never be found!

So thank you to Lizzy Simpson,
keep up the good work girl!

I've had a million ideas tonight,
so keep your eyes peeled for 100%FALMOUTH, Wholehearted and other delicious goodies!

much love

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