Monday, 1 August 2011

Childhood Nostalgia, Spontaneity & Tea Shop

Hey guys!
I've had a wonderful weekend/start to the week! 
A free trip to see Harry Potter was very much appreciated, however I feel that part of my childhood has been put to bed now. 
Still, nevermind, we move on!

Apart from that I've had some really great opportunities come my way, 
I've been given a dozen free orchid plants by a lady back home who is an orchid specialist, and hopefully I can find some room in the house to keep them in good condition! (away from any cellulose thinner fumes that seem to have killed most other plants.) 
I'm excited to have orchids again, and I hope they will do well. Plus, you can never beat a free orchid thats in flower! 

What else? 
Well I spent the entire day today in the tea shop just sitting, sipping and sketching, while nattering away with Marcel. And lo and behold, out of the blue comes a job offer to design some packaging for their loose tea and teabags! I'm uber excited! They've seen my work before, but I've never really pushed doing a project with them as they seem pretty set. But apparently they had been discussing it, and they would like me to do some work for them, paid! Kaloo kalay! 

Here's some sketches from today

various paraphernalia  from the tea shop... a bowl to put excess spilt tea water etc into, and possibly used tea leaves too. A tea scoop so that you can scoop the tea out of the packet/jar without getting moisture from your hands onto it, otherwise this would start the steeping process and making the tea bitter for the next time you use it. The tea pick (im not sure of any of their real names) is used to pry apart layers of tea from a compressed teacake without damaging the other layers of leaves.


Tea pick also looks like a wand. FTW.

A painting of my new gaiwan and flowers from the teashop

And the unfinished rough little story of how my last gaiwan met its end. 

And as of the beginning of September I think I will be getting rid of my evening job to concentrate on working on my artwork commissions and my own story that I need to get designed and in order before term starts so that I can do a dummy and finals. 

I never really thought about it, but I have essentially given myself 3 months or less to design and illustrate 2 full books. Workaholic! I do however, for the most part, enjoy it.

Here's a delicious spontaneous risotto I made yesterday, yum yum! Not that you can really see the risotto for all the veg crowded around it!

Plus Turkish/Moroccan inspired chickpea side dish

I had had such a good weekend/week that I decided to paint my face.


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