Friday, 5 August 2011

Birthday, Tea Sign & Sketchies

Alright then!
Its a month an 10 days til my birthday... 16h sept.
I've been perusing online, because there are many beautiful things out there, especially on etsy.

so here's a few things that I love. 
This is very much a hint for if anyone is stuck on what to get me for my birthday... not that anyone has to get me anything! A scribbled birthday note is perfectly good! 

So, there's vintage cigar boxes which I love

Pinch Pots
I'd love to own a yixing tea pot (little mini chinese tea pot) available from the essence of tea in falmouth, but I reckon they're pretty expensive, and I don't think I could ever decide on which one I like enough!
These rings are amazing. I like the coffee cup but I would pretend that it was a cup of tea though. Also the question mark is good. I think it would be pretty good if they did an '&' as it is possibly my favorite symbol.

talking about ampersands, this is good

and this
ampersand & 7 Ring.. could it be more perfect?
some super good earrings
I'm also thinking about getting my nose and tragus pierced...
this necklace is particularly fantastic. In fact, my favorite.  Sets my heart on fire!! I love slate greys and rusty oranges. NOM NOM NOM.
OK! No more etsy links. You can see what I did with my afternoon, eh?
Other than that, I'd love sketches from people...
perhaps people could attempt a tiger each! I could have an amazing tiger sketch collection! I'd love that absolutely completely. Or black bears. But mainly tigers.

Or tigers and black bears might just blow my mind.
Oh yes, what else was I meant to be telling you?

I wrote a sign for the teashop today, and spent the entire afternoon there working! Good times. Free sushi too for doing the sign!

There are sketches, but as of yet they arent uploaded.
Wedding tomorrow! 
Charlie is going to look beautiful! I'm sure Lee will too!

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