Thursday, 18 August 2011

Agog, Soup du Jour & Fantastic Clothes

Well well,
I seem to have finally managed to get this illustration in some kind of order. I still need to do a few adjustments/changes, but for the most part, its finished. I need to get on with some of the other illustrations and go back to it when I have a bit more time/motivation/hindsight.

So, as usual, many versions of it.
As usual, favoring the desaturated one, top right. But also the black and white... but also top Left... AGH!
So yes, tweaking to come.

After all this limited colour palette, desaturated nonsense, I'm starting to feel desaturated too. Like I'm boring, and all the life is draining out of me.

So, I decided to have some fun, and a bit of a colour injection, and I painted a Cuban car (I bloody love them so much... I want a rusty turquoise one... (blue and orange!)

Here tis.
The colour is better in real life, but you get the idea.
I did this while sitting on my little porch, with its nice little wooden surround, all dolled up in my new clothes, drinking orange juice, listening to music, soaking up the glorious sunshine that was shining right on my face, and painting my little heart out. Now THAT is what I want to do as a job. 
Trying to get a photo of the new clothes, pretty hard when I can't take a full length photo. Still, I might lay it all out on the bed and photograph them all. Proud of my finds!

I accidentally went on a small clothes shopping trip... it all started with a good bargain at Two Little Birds, the vintage clothes shop in Falmouth (far better than Mondo Trasho!!!)
And I picked up an amazing Joan Holloway-esque dress and small jacket for £27! 
So that got me warmed up... walked along the high street only to find 2 beautiful blouses (one mustard yellow, and one a rustyish red), a big stripy jumper,  2 belts and a gorgeous pair of shoes. 
That was definitely my birthday present to myself.
I'm also holding a Mad Men themed party for my 23rd birthday, so watch out for some fabulous photos of decadance... We're all heading to the local cocktail bar to be very glamorous. My birthday is the 16th September, but hardly anyone will be back in Falmouth by then, so I'm postponing it til Fri 30th Sept. 
Fingers crossed everyone can come and get dolled up!

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