Friday, 1 July 2011

WOW! Chris Ware & Work

No I'm not talking about World of Warcraft folks,
This week has been WOW! Hectic. 2 Jobs, one good, the other not so much. I'll be looking for an afternoon/evening job soon to replace my evening job.

Also, I was wondering if I can get paid to do Spanish to English translation, or vice versa for something/someone... does anyone know where I can find out about these things? 
(Mica I know you do Japanese translations, does the place you get your work from need Spanish translators?)
I thought I might be able to earn a little bit of money on the side, and keep my Spanish in use! 

Good news, because I've been working my butt off this week, then I might be able to put in an order for printing soon.

Chris Ware is an amazing comic book artist. Check him out on Drawn & Quarterly's website
 If you guys find a better website to look at his stuff on, send it to me please?
So yes, work work work, but no new artwork! Its getting depressing trying to squeeze it in between seeing people off for the summer, getting some well deserved rest, sorting out chores and cooking in the gaps between my 2 jobs. This weekend looks set to be very busy indeed work wise. Still, will give me a good routine, and hopefully enough money to get me out of my overdraft and solvent enough again to get those prints up and running!
Anyone got any suggestions on how to sell them? Normally I just do it through email request and paypal... I keep thinking of giving etsy a try, but is it really worth it? Is it easy to set up, run and manage? How much do you have to sell to make it worth it? And where can I publicise it?

I'm thinking of trying to do various tea related cards, so maybe I could go into collaboration with the Essence of Tea, and make greetings cards (tea related) and have their name, website etc on the back as well as mine? We'll see, its an idea.

I really want to do some work printing onto tracing paper with the laser printers at uni... its tasty looking.

Right, I'm off to try and produce something vaguely arty before I have to head to work at 7!
Here's something a bit cheerful to end with

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  1. YO YO YO. Sorry I've been out of touch lately, very very busy, all the time, ever.

    I don't do official or paid translations, just things within fandom and online communities, so I can't help you out there I'm afraid. I'll warn you however that if you're looking for PAID translation work you can't really be at a point where a large part of that work is also "practice" - obviously, official translations require a large command of both languages being worked in, and most places worth their salt will require hard evidence that you can do that :/