Wednesday, 13 July 2011

When the Tree Flew, Sketchbooks & Fat Cat

I may have mentioned before that I'm working on a book,
I'm proud to present the first illustration for the up and coming book
'When The Tree Flew' by Gabrielle Jonas

This is Johnny and Clara raccoon, going to visit Beulah the bald cypress tree in the swamp.  

Original painting (far too blue), so I warmed it up. 
First I put it into black and white to see how the tonal masses where doing.
 Tried it out in sepia, just for fun

 Then decided it still needed colour, so brought back some subdued blues and greens with a warmer undertone. (All tweaking done in photoshop.)

Then had to make relevant changes (giving Beulah some 'knees' as cypresses have) and making Johnny raccoon bigger (to differentiate and because male raccoons tend to be bigger)
Didn't manage to get the exact same adjustment to colours, but its not far off.
Personally I prefer Johnny smaller, as the bigger one interferes a bit with the balance of the objects in the image.
But there we go, ta da!

I've managed to do a fair bit of sketchbooking, so that's been good, a good start to a new sketchbook always makes me happy. 

What doesn't make me so happy is becoming allergic to lactose, and having a nasty bout of hayfever. Every week it seems to be something else intent on making me ill! Get with the program immune system!!!

So I'm going to do a sketchbook page reminding me of all the lovely treats I now can't eat. Hopefully this will bode well for my waistline!!!

S'all folks

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