Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Revista Ilustrar, William Grill & Portraits

I've been ill again. 
Big surprise there! 
Some strange stomach bug thats going around. 
Anyway, its given me a bit of time to get a small commission done and out of the way.
Which compensates for me not being able to go into work. 

I discovered a Brazilian illustration magazine online called Revista Ilustrar.
Some of the artist in it are amazing, some... not so much. But alas this is the world 
of illustration we are talking about, and when I look in a huge contact book of illustrators there are normally only 5 at the most that I really like. 

You can download the back issues for free.
They're in portuguese, but lets face it, you'll only be looking at it for the pretty pictures.

Some artists I like from there
Gonzalo Cárcamo
(I found the magazine through him, as I follow his amazing blog, found here: 

Davi Calil

Bernardo França

Alright! Some pretty cool cats there. So yeah, check out the magazine... bonus if you speak Portuguese.
Now onto the next order of the day.
My housemate Mr. William Grill has finally brought himself into the world of blogging. 
For a while we thought he didn't know the internet existed and sat in his room by candlelight slowly grinding out illustration after illustration. To be honest, thats pretty close to the truth.
We hope he'll stay and provide us with some more of his fantastic sketchbooks.
See his work here!

We're sure the flight plan was supposed to be penis-shaped.

 Yup. So...hopefully I'll be as productive as this boy one day. Perhaps I should try the candlelight no computer method. I reckon it could improve my production rates 11 fold!
Next up...
Harry Tenant's blog & some sketchbook work.

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