Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Plague Upon This House, Gaiwan & Finally!

Wow, what a hectic 2 weeks. I've been full time at my evening job, and almost more than full time at the hotel, so I've been working both jobs almost every day. I've also had a friend down to visit, as he's off around the world for an entire year! He's kindly lent me his longboard for the year while he is away. So happy traveling Ben! I'll miss you, and I'm completely jealous of all the amazing adventures you're going to have! 
I'll link to his travel blog when I get hold of it for all of you who may be interested in his travels across Asia!

Alright, so on top of working myself to the bone at both my jobs, some of you may know I have a third job... no, its not prostitution or anything like that. I'm working on a book called 'When the Tree Flew' by Gabrielle Jonas. 

So here's the second illustration for it! *I'm not doing them in the right order for the book, so this isnt the second illustration, its just the second one I've done*

I call it 'Garbage Mountain' 
Johnny the Raccoon meets a cornsnake who is a professor in human studies and who wants to show Johnny his latest discoveries... at the garbage dump.

black and white 

subdued colours 
(personal favorite)

original painting

 Adjustment to background to make lighter (shows more depth)

Final without bleed
I felt that the ones with more saturated colours just didn't bring across the fact that it was a night scene. As much as I hate to use photoshop to make up for lack of painting ability, I just don't have the time or the know how to go back and correct things like that. 
So lesson learned as I carry onward.

I'm going to try and do some studies on depth in a landscape and see how it comes out. Both night and day scenes. I always feel my images are quite 2d, and never very 'depthy', so I shall have to see to it!

Sadly a fashion magazine entitled 'LOVE' decided that after a year of sitting quietly on my top shelf, that it would kamikaze off and land right on top of my treasured gaiwan (chinese teapot) and smash it into oblivion. 
At times like these I can only raise my head to the sky, shake my fists and shout
'Why, oh why... what the hell are you trying to tell me?!'

also, a plague of ants and centipedes has been sent to the house.

I can only see this as the beginning of some punishment for something I've done wrong along the lines.

On that note, 
duck and cover!

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  1. Wow.. your work is amazing.. some ace stuff here!