Monday, 18 July 2011

Intolerance, I'll be there & Prints

Paid today! Hurrah, I'm finally out of my overdraft. It only took me nearly a year. 
Damn overspending in Ecuador.
This time last year I was there, and it was probably today that was the last time I saw him. 
Memories oh memories. Still, we live, we learn and we move on.
Do you guys ever miss moments in your life? 

Anyway, enough soppiness,
More sketchbook pages for you all.
I've had a self-indulgent drawing day.
I've been wanting to draw this... for ages. 

And as promised, the list of things I can't really eat anymore
Its working though, I haven't touched any of it!
Ok, I've got replacement non-milk, but thats it :)
Resistance of brownies has been hard. 
But I've just been avoiding places that sell them. Feels good to deny yourself things once in a while.

I also ordered my PRAT portfolio for next year, so that I can put it together slowly as I go along instead of a mad rush at the end. It theory.
I will be doing prints soon, I'm still getting together an idea of which images I want to print. I think the raj will be one of them, and the monkeys another.
Some others inbetween too. Maybe the teacup (I'll still look into making cards) and some other things I dig up that are worthy of print :)

Bye for now!

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