Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Gaiwan, Reminiscing & Beautiful Foods

Well well! What to tell you guys first!
Well, for a start, the ants are slowly taking over my kitchen, which is frustrating and rather unpleasant.

Bad news out of the way and onto the good stuff!
Got my new gaiwan (chinese teapot, steeping pot) from the tea shop today, and it is stunning. I think handpainted in just beautiful detail. Its very fine, so I have to take extra care not to place in in the path of any falling books. 

Oh, this was a progress photo from the painting...

And the delicious tandoori chicken salad with watermelon I made today!
I bought a mahoosive half a watermelon... should keep me going for a few days!!!

I just love how colourful it is. Watermelon, Mango and Strawberries... possibly my favorite fruits. Oh and yellow dragonfruit.

The spice rack of dreams, and all the grains/lentils/beans I could ever wish to eat, plus all the sauces I could ever hope to find a use for. (Housemates, I will make this hopefully less intrusive in the kitchen, but you're welcome to use any of the spices! Sadly not the sauces, as they come from far far away and I can't get any more of them!)

Beautiful flowers that I discovered in the teashop and then later discovered at fox rosehill gardens! Anyone know what they are?!

And the beautiful gaiwan

 And the smashed gaiwan, now resurrect with parts missing... I WILL find them. But I quite like it, its got a good story to go with it and thus more character. I'm hoping to grow a bonsai out of it.

 More new gaiwan in its fancy box with shaped foam

 Christened it with a good cup of Ao Wan Da Roast Oolong 2010.
YUM! Need to get some more of that one.

On that note, I've done a small page (comic layout) of the story of the gaiwan vs love (fashion magazine).
I'm hoping to get it to some standard so that I can actually show you guys and not hang my head in shame. Perhaps some digital colouring eh?

Sorry for a long and picturesome post.
Promise you some more DRAWINGS soon!

surfing tomorrow! Yippeeee

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