Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fruits of the day, the perfect studio & freezing it out in the kitchen

Hey there!
I've spent the entire day mooching around the house, trying to get work done. Some has materialized but mainly I've set up a small studio/den in the kitchen. It was much better in winter when the AGA was warm and keeping it toasty, as now I'm freezing my toes off. So while it is far better to work in here, I am still no warmer. This is meant to be summer dammit!

So here's my new little workspace 
(for a couple of days before another housemate returns...no peace I tell you, no peace!)

I spent the day faffing so much, then decided to draw some raccoons to figure out what they're all about. Its been an indecisive day... to-ing and fro-ing between things I could do. I want to start my fruit bat, but well I cant seem to sit down to start designing the composition, and I'm no expert on fruit bats.
Or I've been wanting to work on my book too. Or, just be plain lazy and do nothing!

I had some company this evening in the form of Jeremy the weevil. He kept me occupied for a good half an hour photographing him and letting him wander around before finding him a good home on the tomato plant.
Jeremy likes colouring too.

This is a sketchbook page outlaying the perfect studio for me. I think it would also be in the rainforest and have a canopy station where I could do observational drawings of wildlife, or just admire the view.
Amongst the things in my perfect studio would be the old spice ad man as my personal vegan chef. Yup. You can tell I think realistically can't you?

Sorry its sideways but I really can't be bothered to go all the way into photoshop and correct it. So you'll just have to crane your necks. Why does blogger not have a photo repositioning tool anyway? Or am I blind?

night night! 
Should have another book illustration for you guys by the end of tomorrow!