Sunday, 12 June 2011

Start of a new series, Digi Practice & My Bleeding Ears!

Ok, so because I'm stuck at home for a while, lest I leak ear fluid over the town of Falmouth, I thought I would start doing some portraits again. In digital (haven't touched that for a while, not properly at least.) It will be a series of fantastic men... and some fantastic women who inspire me or who I simply adore.

Oh, and I may have taken the font from 'Fantastic Man' the magazine... don't hurt me!
I'm not selling anything!

The men depicted in this series are by no means deemed fantastic by 'Fantastic Man' (although they should be) But are merely the views of a young and impressionable illustrator.

So here is the first in the series, 
Mr. Roberto Benigni 
Actor and director, most famous for 
La vita é bella
(Life is Beautiful)
Though he is particularly fantastic in 'Night on Earth' by Jim Jaramusch.

Simply put... that is one fantastic man.

Whats this about bleeding ears you say?
Well I may have perforated my eardrum somehow, and now its decided that its going to leak for days on end. One hospital trip later and some antibiotics down my throat and still, the leak is leaking.

I'm sure your lives are THAT much better for knowing it.


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