Sunday, 5 June 2011

Poorly Family, Plymouth Visit & New Painting

So this past week I've been in Plymouth, visiting my sick family! Mum's been in hospital, but everything is ok, still feeling a bit unwell though. Get well soon mum!
The dog also had to go to the vets to get stitches in his side, so he had his cone on his head and was feeling rather sorry for himself.
At least he now lives up to the name Patch.

The bathroom at home in Plymouth... just took a photo because there was a nice colour combo of the orange soap and the charcoal grey soapdish. and the brown and the green of the plant, the white and the blue bathroom tiles. Yes, I do this... A LOT.

 Apparently Plymouth is where the long lemons grow.

Mr. Abhijit Chanda, taking a stroll
(thanks for coming to visit!)

A little ladybird friend I met yesterday evening

Fantastic bbq in a friends garden Fal.

Ok so thats enough mini holiday snaps.
On a side note, I just spilled tomato soup all over my shirt. The most stainiest of soups. Dang.

Ok, on to some real stuff!
Last life painting sesh is on Tuesday, we will be sorry to see Gary Long leave!
Damn the establishment for making him retire!
Here's the painting I did in the last life painting session

Oil paint on canvas

And some sketchbook pages from the train journey home.
Oh! And if anyone's in Plymouth, the Plymouth Museum has a great illustration exhibition on at the moment, focusing on childrens book illustration. Some fabulous new illustrators I'd never heard of.
I'll do a post with their names and some examples of their work next.

Thats your lot!

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  1. Nice oil painting Steph! I can't believe there won't be any more life drawing after Tuesday; do you know if anything special's happening for his last session? If not we should all do something. :)