Friday, 24 June 2011

New Hair, Elizabeth Blue & Wolves For You!

Ok, been hectic recently,
2 jobs now you know. 
So getting a whole day without work is challenging. 
So what do I do with my time off?

I try to work some more.

Anyone else got workaholic syndrome?

I'm trying to complete the 2 sketchbooks I've been working on this year so as I can start afresh and get some new styles going on.
Bit more exploration and some proper painting... none of this barely anything on a page rubbish.

Anyway, new hair, I feel refreshed.
I went to an organic salon, and bought some of their haircare products too, and they work fantastically.
The curl serum is amazing... put it in my hair while damp, leave to dry, and nicely defined curls appear.
I was skeptic to begin with, but man, that stuff is good!
Here's the new do.

Using the curling stuff... (my hair is straightish normally, and you don't use curlers or anything with the serum, just air dry.)

And straightened fresh from the hairdressers... they used the same range of products by MOP, the c range.
For straightening they used the straightening serum then blow dried with a diffuser.

A LOT of length came off... just under a foot really.
But it will grow back, and it should be healthier.

Ok, so who is Elizabeth Blue? Well she's a colleague from my new workplace, currently doing the MA in Authorial Illustration.
And what a talented lady!
She's just completing the first installation of a 3 part comic book, and it's looking pretty damn good from where I'm standing.

here's her tumblr
and her website

Smashing stuff!

Ah yes, wolves for you...
Last night seemed to find me unable to draw much else other than wolves.
I say that, but I also drew a toucan.
And a man, a lamp and a doorway.
Ok, I lied.
I drew more than wolves, but there ARE two of them.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note...
I bloody love Miss. Holloway from Mad Men.

Super amazing looking lady.

s'all for now!


  1. I like where the children's book development is going. And I see you're thinking about the Bologna deadline - same! Talked about it a bit with Mark and I'm going to see how a character-based project I'm working on pans out before deciding whether to enter anything. I hadn't considered actually going out there yet, could be fun! :)

  2. Cheers Giles... yeah I'm not sure what to do for Bologna... I seem to be to-ing and fro-ing from style to style, and I don't quite know what I'm doing. Going to paint some chess pieces and see what comes up. I know that the pieces have to be linked somehow,but could it just be on a theme of animals or something? I'm a bit confused.
    I need to get back down to doing my childrens book. Decided to give myself a few weeks off from doing it, and start afresh soon.
    Fingers crossed for us both... are you staying in fal or are you away again?

  3. I came home the other day for the summer; already slowed down to snail's pace since I've been back!
    Know what you mean about styles; The last few designs I've posted on my blog were originally intended to be some quite weird and freaky character designs, but kept finding them going back to more restrained versions. I've given it a go, but I won't force them to grow into something they don't want to. I think I'm happy with what I've come up with though, and hopefully I can develop it as a style to run parallel to more sophisticated illustration work.
    I don't remember exactly what was said about submitting to Bologna, but yeah I think as long as there's a theme running throughout I don't see the problem!