Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Most Fantastic Man, New Book & Mr.Tits the Cat

Today has been a productive day... only because of the last few hours of it.

I did my errands in the morning, posted student finance letter etc, and bought 2 new sketchbooks for the summer from the uni shop as it closes soon.
24th June.

So new books full of sketches to look forward to.

After getting rained on in my 5minute foray outside, 
I settled down to try and start a new natural history painting. Of course I had to collect lots of reference material first, and then because I'm an indecisive bugger I had to research 4 bats because I couldn't make up my mind which was the cutest, thus which one I wanted to paint. 
Still haven't decided, but all the research is done! Good eh?

Then the afternoon saw me watching a documentary by Terry Pratchett on assisted dying and the varying ways people have dealt with it. Very enlightening... very tear jerky.

An afternoon visit from Mr.Tits the cat made me smile again though,
I managed to get some evidence of his name too.

This is him killing a fly in my room...while standing on my painting.

Strutting his stuff in the garden.

Stealing food from Harry.

Name tag proof!

The strangest look he's given yet.

Ah yes, I have finally settled on a goal sum of money to earn and save by September 2012.
This should cover my New York trip (if I decide to go there) and portfolio making expenses, plus enough money to go and do a volunteer project or proper course in scientific illustration and marine photography in the Aegean Sea. Course is a week long, volunteering 3 months minimum.

There's a goal within this goal, and thats £1000 by March.
The rest can come later.

For the start of a new book, I thought I would attempt to paint a crested newt. 
It didn't come out all that well.

There. Are. A. Lot. Of. Full. Stops. In. This. Post.

Ok, so Fantastic Man of the day is...
none other than the fabulous Sir Terry Pratchett!

Almost forgot to tell you guys about him (though once again you should already know!)
He's the acclaimed writer of the Discworld novels.
A few years ago he discovered that he has Alzheimer's disease (my grandad had it too)
and has done lots of fundraising for the Alzheimer's charity.
He recently made a documentary on his experience of talking to several people who were going to end their lives in Switzerland, and also some other people that weren't and had decided to live to the end.
Check it out on BBCiplayer, its under Factual.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get started on working out a composition for the fruit bat painting
Remember I have some awesome paper to work with this time... I hope!


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