Monday, 6 June 2011

Monkey, Monkey & The Sea

Last monkeys of the night

Been experimenting to try and get away from the feel of Viviane Schwarz and Quentin Blake's work, though I do love the energy their work has.

So I tried painting the way I normally do, quite detailed/textured.
This was my insurance photo in case I messed up the ink work I did next.

Now just the hands and face inked.
Dare I go further?
Indeed I did.

Now all the outline is inked

And finally... a dash of blue here and there... you know, just to mix things up, as if I didn't do enough orange and blue combos already.

And some other media tests whilst doing pose/character development tests at the same time.

Ok, no more monkeying around! 
Sea swimming tomorrow at 7am?!!>?

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