Monday, 6 June 2011

Illustration Exhibition Plymouth, Character Designers & Hayfever

As promised, here are some of the highlights (for me) of the illustration exhibition in Plymouth Museum.
Most of the illustrators I will mention today won the best new illustrators award
check it out!

Levi Pinfold
another Falmouth student from 2006!
Awesome artwork, he works in watercolour, inks and gouache.

His up and coming book looks fabulous,
I can't find the image that mesmerized me in the museum, but its from his new book 'Black Dog'.

Here's some of his work
Following images copyright Levi Pinfold 2011

Some other illustrators in the exhibition included another Falmouth student Viviane Schwarz
 Thats her website and blog.

Following images copyright Viviane Schwarz 2011.

Next up is Kevin Waldron

He recently won the Bull-Bransom award too!
Clever chappy! Now lives in New York.
Following images copyright Kevin Waldron.

You all know I love a good tiger.

 Now for Sara Ogilvie
complex last name!
She really should get herself a website of her own! Unless she has one, but I can't find it.
 Following images copyright Sara Ogilvie 2011

Nice and bright, super fun characters. 

Now JUST to confuse you I've thrown in another Sara Ogilvie
a different one, and believe me I'm a bit confused too.
I really love her use of colour!
Following images copyright Sara Ogilvie 2011 (a different Sara to the one above (I think!))

This is 'Innocence' by Thomas Cooper Gotch 1904
They had the original in the museum, it was so amazing
Claimed to be the most beautiful dragon ever painted, and I can see why.

Ok, so finally I'll wrap this post up, and stop wasting my time on the computer by telling you that this monstrosity

Is what I have to resort to to stop my hayfever getting too much.

a.k.a the rudolf machine.

over and out!


  1. good lord woman it's incredible at rudolph-ing!

  2. I like the rudolph machine lol .. Lovely pics .. I used to love and still do Quentin Blake ..