Monday, 6 June 2011

Help Please, Barcelona Backup & Monkeys

Here's some backup work for the barcelona poster... thumbnails, alternatives, completely unrelated sketches etc. 

And this is what I need you sincere honest opinions on.
I basically have looked at a lot of illustrators and become so entangles in their visual languages, that I need either reassurance or blatant telling off.
I need to know whether this kind of work is too much like Viviane Schwarz.
The plain monkeys are definitely too much like her, but what about the added extras?

I just don't know, maybe I need to head off in a different direction to this. I don't want my style to look even remotely like another persons.

Please leave lots of comments, I need your feedback!


  1. Always love to see process work :)
    As for your style compared to viviane's I can definitely see the influence the difference being that yours has more texture compared to hers and the black lines connect, but is not too similar that i could confuse you with her work.

  2. Thanks Romina, as always a good constructive comment! I'm trying to mess around with the way I paint the gouache then layer the lines on top... I'm going to spend more time on the painting before the linework I think. We'll see what happens!