Sunday, 19 June 2011

Busy Bee, Sea Shanties & Hearing

So I've been quite busy the past few days..
New job, working at both places in one day... going to see the degree show at tremough, walking back and a house party at mine, have all meant that I'm super tired.
And to boot I have a cold and my hearing has packed up even more.

Anyway. Soon be able to rest for a bit and get some personal work starting that bat.

Its the Sea Shanty Festival's last day down here in Fal, sad to say I haven't seen any of it. Been too busy with work, or hair cuts or just getting some good ol shut eye.

I had an idea the other day for a project that I want people to get involved in.
I thought about finding drawings/paintings from when you were little and recreating them how you would paint now. I think keeping the composition the same possibly, or taking the general idea of it.
I'm going to recreate my drawing of dinosaurs with trees on their backs and pet collars on them.
I think I had created the first self-sufficient herbivore.

So, get involved! Grab an old painting/drawing and redo it with all the skills you've learned since!
If you do, could you scan and send them over to me on
and I'll post them up here...
may be a prize in it if we get enough entries!
And if I can get permission from people, I'd possibly like to make a small zine from them.
If you can include any stories about the images or anecdotes that would be even better.
Doesn't have to start now, I might do mine first, post it and then you guys can get an idea of what I'm thinking about.


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  1. that sounds exciting! I'll be willing to do it! :D looking forward to seeing yours :)