Monday, 13 June 2011

Another Fantastic Man, Free! & 3rd Year Degree Show

Today I went to look at all our brilliant 3rd years work, their show is up and we got a sneak preview along with all their progress work.
There's some pretty good people in that year!
Watch out world, here they come!

Some of my favorite pieces...

And I just whipped up another Fantastic Man.
Here is the wonderful, the delectable, the fantastic...
Morgan Freeman

 You should already know him.
If not, check him out in Shawshank Redemption 
and personally, 
I like John Mayer's song 'say' which featured in 'Bucket List'

despite the bad lip sync, its awesome :)
I might just watch the Bucket List now,
Its definitely on my list.

Tell you what, because I have to go make dinner, I'll do an entire post on the 3rd year show when I upload the pictures after dinner, deal? ok.

bye for now!
say what you need to say!

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  1. Thought this may interest you?

    I know it is religious, but it is illustrating a book...