Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The 3rd Year Show, The Majestic & Ear Ear

Sometimes it can be hard to write a blog post with 3 mini subjects so that I never have to write a blog title that doesn't contain an ampersand '&'.


The third year show, amazing work, here's some of my favorites
Work is copyright 2011 to the respective illustrators, names given above their images.

Joanna Boyle

Stephanie Ginger

Euan Cook

 Josh Bone
(click on number 15 on his portfolio for a beetle-y treat!)

Neil Price

Anne-Marie Jones

Strange how I never liked monkeys before. This year seems to have changed that.

she gets my vote with the orangutan... orange and oh, do I detect a hint of BLUE?

Marcel O'Leary


Philippa Randles

If only no one was in the room... this tortoise would have been devoured.

However folks, that isn't all.
I forgot to get some snaps of Miss Cathy Hookey's boards, and Miss Emma Bennett's too. 
So I've stolen some of their pictures from their websites to promote their fine selves.

Ok, here's Cathy's work

Cathy's Blog
Cathy's Website

And here's Emma's
(I like her use of orange and blue...)

Emma's Blog
 Emma's Website
Thats all for now guys, have a look at all our wonderful third years! 
Come along to Woodlane Campus, Falmouth for the exhibition!
I have no idea when its open to the public... fail.

The Majestic is a good Jim Carey movie,
and my ear seems to have stopped leaking.


  1. I can't wait to see all the work at New Designers in London!

  2. Thanks a lot for the pimping! I'm sure you'll do amazingly once you're done with the course. The shows are on from the 18th-24th!