Monday, 30 May 2011

Pooka, Pooka & Pooka

Finally I got my act together and put these the right way around, so here you are! Pooka character designs from the beginning (actually I have some ones that I need to post up from my sketchbook, they were my initial sketches) Then I decided to go ahead with the project, so I started this sketchbook.
So there's a couple more to come after this.
Starting to characterize... 

 Sometimes I revert back to realistic drawings when I need to get the feel of a pose.

 I also try copying other artists characters to try and get a feel for how they do it...
The wolf is Carter Goodrich's.

 I even tried left handed drawing.

 Tried out lots of different pens, paints, pencils

 I tried to go as far as I could from my normal style.

 I love typography, so I messed about with that for a good while.

 Stumbled across a nice mix of colour  (its different in real life) and went with it in Visual Studies

 Then tried to figure out what makes Pooka look like she does. So I experimented with where on the face I should place the eyes, what shape her head should be, ear to head ratio etc. Then went onto expressions.

I'm not as far along with Mica's development, so this is just a page of trying to draw characterised cats. I like the square head the best, or the one in the bottom left, 2nd row up.

I was coming to a dead end and just wanted to play that day, so I drew whatever. Discovered Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stitch) and drew one of his tigers.

I'm rather fond of how round Mica the cat is on this page.
(Note to my buddy Mica, it is NOT because you are round, because you aren't. 
This is merely comical)



  1. Oh how exciting! These are really really great to study you know! I love seeing the development of the ideas right across <3

    And I am ESPECIALLY in love with Mica, and not just for the name.


  2. Still love the third and fourth last versions. very nice and full of character.

  3. JUST AMAZING. *falls to floor*