Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pooka, Art of Up & Here Comes Assessment!

Hey there! Been a while eh?
I'm working on a book about Pooka a dog I met in Ecuador at the moment, she's adorable as you can see from one of the last posts. So here's some of today's character designs for her, I will hopefully photograph and post up all the character sheets for her... good AND bad, so that you guys can get a glimpse into the process of character developing. I'm new to it, so this really is from a beginners perspective. 

Keep it simple... start with a rough simple shape, and build a character from there on in. Use that shape as a basis. Strong characters have strong, very recognisable silhouettes. 
For example, here are some character designs by Carter Goodrich 

Following images are copyright Carter Goodrich 2006-2011

I can tell you now... this is possibly the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. However, my knowledge of drawing animals has helped to a certain extent. Exaggerate key characteristics

So here's two of the paintings, I'll get some better scans or photos soon, these were taken in low light, so the colours really aren't anything like the actual ones.

So thats that for tonight... I have a huge essay to write for Monday.
Today I received my copy of 'UP- the artwork of', and it is brilliant. Good character workings, good process etc etc. Just a luscious book full of visual goodies!

Oh, and last thing... Whats the weirdest comment/compliment you have ever received?
Tonight a barman asked me if I had ever done voiceovers for radio or TV, to which I replied in a rather bemused manner... no...? Then promptly got told that I should do!

So yes... any odd/interesting/backhanded compliments that you guys have had?

I'm going to showcase some more fabulous artists in the next few posts, so keep your eyes peeled for some real gems.
I also have some life drawing sessions to post up, once I get around to photographing it all!

Take care guys!

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  1. The weirdest but most wonderful comment I've ever had is "When you walk into the room, even if it's when everything is chaotic and hectic, you chill me out and make me feel calm" told to me by my brother's business partner, and great friend of ours, at a time when they were majorly ramping up business and were running an office out of my brother's bedroom.

    As for the dog, I think your initial illustrations of Pooka, especially the first one, is full of character! Love it. Love the dog.