Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Owl, Truro & End of Term

Another term... no no no, hang on. Another YEAR is almost drawing to a close. 
I'm not mentally prepared for the whirlwind that 3rd year will be.
I hope it doesn't break me.
So that is only one year left until I will be in New York, and putting up my summer show, and making my portfolio/s, and taking them to see big fancy people that might...just might give me money for doing some little paintings. 


I feel like clawing back the 2nd year, because I have NO idea where that went. 2 weeks until assessment. We clear out the studio for 3rd year expo tomorrow. Studio spaceless, we shall become illustration refugees, and forced to attempt working at home. Alone. 
I get the feeling I shall become somewhat of a hermit. I hope I can get off my butt and actually find a good work ethic in the house.
This could involve morning swimming sessions, but more than likely not. Facebook will have to be banned from the hours of 9-6. Or even better, 9-8. 
The chirruping of forest creatures may be the only thing that zones me out enough to sit still for any length of time.

Anyway, lets embrace the trial ahead. 
30 sketchbook pages to be done by end of term, some finishing up to do on one project, and a storyboard and character sheets to do for another. A manuscript to read, and other things to gather into a folder.

Here's something I did tonight. 

I also went to Truro today... bought some brushes and fancy hot pressed paper. Delicious enough for attempting some natural history stuff over summer. 
Self discipline will be the name of the game! I want to get at least one good study done of a fruit bat... in tight-rendered HD detail like the cicada.
This is the plan, lets hope my body will let me do it
(I'm rather ill at the moment, and it is frustrating me no end.)
Fingers crossed!


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