Saturday, 28 May 2011

London Sketches, Owls & More Owls

I went to London about a month ago now, wow! that month flew by fast!
I really can't believe how time seems to be slipping through my fingers at the moment.

So yes, here's some sketches from London, if I get around to it I might post up some photos too.

Think I need to start putting some more colour in my sketchbooks again! They've gone all monochrome!
Ok, I sorted through some London photos, and here you are!
Including photos of images from the 'Images of Nature' gallery in the Natural History museum London.

 My person fave, the heron

 Me, in my natural habitat (terrible photo!)

The palm house was my absolute favorite, I thought I had died and gone back to the rainforest

Right! Next blog post we'll finally get down to the story of Pooka, and some of the character development work I've been doing.


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