Friday, 27 May 2011

Life Drawing Catch Up, The Lost Life Drawing & Life Painting

I'm having a huge sort-out today, so a lot of things are finally getting photographed and put on here as some strange sort of closure.

I have some life drawings from a few weeks ago,
some lost life drawings from November that I never posted up (they got put in a drawer and consequently forgotten about.) I definitely run by the rule of out of sight out of mind. If its not there bugging me to look at it and sort it out, it will probably get left! 

And I also have 2 life paintings from last session. 
However I wasn't feeling very well, so I left halfway through. I got rather frustrated that I couldn't concentrate.

So the last 3 were (in order) preliminary sketch, attempt at gouache painting realistically, gouache gestural pushing colour. 
Now, I know a lot of people love James Jean, and I know a lot of people completely dismiss his work because a lot of people like him. I on the other hand neither love nor hate the man. 
I love his sketchbooks, though nowadays they get very same-y, I loved his older work, and his bigger paintings. I'm not overly fond of any of his photoshop work or any of his new work.
I do very much like a small series of life paintings that he did that pushed colour. They are super beautiful.
Here are my favorites:

Images copyright James Jean 2011

They have such an energy, its fantastic! Love them!
Ok, so I found a session of my life drawings from November tucked away in a drawer, and they haven't been put up before, so here they are:

Once again, I still love blind-contours... I like trying to piece them together.

Onto the next post! 
Character sketches and development,
What I use for inspiration,
Visual studies
Sketchbook work
coming in a bit!

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