Friday, 27 May 2011

Inspirational Books, Worky Worky & Cleany Cleany

Well my super day of blogging shall be continued tomorrow 
(I had planned to finish today, but work calling me up 2 hours earlier than normal, and me staying an hour later than normal kinda put a stop to that.)
So for tonight I give you a bunch of inspirational books that have helped me figure out what character designing is all about, and often just art in general.
I'll also be posting up a huge array of great character designers blogs/websites etc along with my attempts at character designing. Tomorrow.

So for now, you gots books baby.

Starting Top Left & going in a spiral... Imaginative Realism by James Gurney, Colour & Light by James Gurney, Arthur Spiderwicks Fieldguide to the Fantastical World Around You, Moonshine by Pixar animators, An Illustrated Life, The Art of UP, The Forest in the Clouds & Blue Chameleon by Emily Gravitt. 
All super inspirational, all worth getting. I very rarely regret a book buy!

Oh! And I forgot this one... Illustrating Childrens Books... rather useful I must say! 

Another inspiring person is Viviane Schwarz (ex falmouth student!)
She's a bit fantastic and you should check out her work, and her blog!

buenas noches amigos, dulce sueños!

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