Thursday, 14 April 2011

Pooka, Jellyfish & The New Application for UV Paint

Hello again! It would appear that this is quite a good week for blogging.

I just wanted to share with you my new ideas! I seem to have burst into life with them! And I was up until 5am this morning just writing, creating mixtapes, painting and drawing. Ah, back to my old self... but highly more able to stay awake. I don't think I've ever stayed up intentionally til 5-6am just because I didn't feel like sleeping, but working instead! I even saw it become daylight. However, when I did go to bed, I didn't wake up til 5pm, so you win some, you lose some. Albeit I didn't feel too well either. Damn chocolate.

A marvelous... or not so marvelous idea came to me today... 
What if I did a scientifically correct painting of a jellyfish, and then, got some invisible UV coloured paints, and painted in the way it bio-luminesces at night?  Because the UV paint is invisible in daylight, it doesn't interfere with the correctness of the daylight painting. Then because you can also get invisible UV paint in black, I can paint over all the areas that I want to be invisible under UV, and it would be like a night-time scene underwater! I'm terribly excited for the possibilities... but alas the paints cost £19 per 100ml pot, and I would need at least 4, if not the whole range of 5 colours. If it didn't work, and I only ended up doing one painting, thats £100 of paint down the drain! And I simply can't afford it. But if it were to work... it could create an absolutely stunning museum display....
I wonder if there's any funds anywhere that I can tap into... Natural History museum, are you listening? I have a proposal for you!

Also, I decided what I will be doing this term at uni. I'll be working on a book (hopefully) about a dog I met in Ecuador. It will be for kids, and its all about how this one little skinny dog wanted to fly with her huge ears. I first need to write the story and figure out why she wants to fly, how she came up with the idea, and perhaps why she didn't fit in.
Here's a picture of the adorable mutt, I wish I could have brought her home with me.

This is Pooka, and her little kitten sidekick Mica
So goddamn adorable both of them.
If anyone knows what breed of dog Pooka might be, let me know! I seriously want one! More like I seriously want this little lady, but it would have been too cruel to her to put her through quarantine, and from a lovely hot country where she could roam freely up and down the street, to a little house in rainy England, where I wouldn't have been allowed to keep her anyway!
Its a shame, but I hope she is doing well, I hope she is ok! And I'd love to see any photos of her all grown up... Mica too!
You guys will probably get some character sketches of her in the next few posts.

One mixtape done! One to go!

(oh! P.S, if anyone has an old tape player & recorder that they no longer need, could I have it? Or pay you for it? Desperately need one! )


  1. The Welcome Trust do grants for sciency art... but you may have to get a full program drawn up for community benefit/outreach etc to go alongside it... Or write to the NHM - see if you can get a mini show in their new gallery 'Images of Nature' ?

  2. Cool, that sounds good... would the NHM fund my paints though? haha, I know its all a bit of a long shot, and really I just wanted to have a laugh with some cool paint. Would be awesome if it worked though! cheers Jess!

  3. Did you see this?

    looked good

  4. Dang, they never even mentioned that to our class! But one of the MA illustration people got onto it... It would have been ideal. I'll chase them up about it for next year. Ta!