Friday, 8 April 2011

Mindo, Lists & A New Invention To Rock The World

Wow! Long time no post, and the last post I did do was my hundredth!

Alrighty, its Easter vacation down in sunny Fal (The weather is phenomenal and there aren't too many tourists just yet... thank god!) I've been swimming lots, trying to avoid damaging my hip any further, but still keeping going with getting fitter. And its getting better! Jacobs ladder is becoming easier each time. 

I'm still working on the Mindo project, and the second half of that is due in today. I might need a little more painting time, so I'm hoping its not in too much need right now. I think I have about a week's leeway. 

Me and a friend sat down a couple of nights ago and came up with an invention that could just blow your mind... or could just blow our budgets trying to make it. Nevertheless I reckon it would be cool.

I present to you on behalf of Mr.Sam Bradbury...
The Butterflycycle!

Yep, thats some kind of tiger riding it. He seems extremely sad... perhaps thats because he has no teeth and can only eat flour! How terrible! However, he will be our mascot for this life-changing product. If you think that this is merely a unicycle, think again my friend! Instead of pedaling with your feet alternately, you use both your feet at once (think of the style of swimming called the butterfly and you'll get the idea.) 
I was then set the task of drawing a spider in a flap because her baking had gone wrong. This is what happened. (May I note that nearly 2 glasses of wine had been consumed by this point.)

 Sketchbook page I recently did. I like paint sketches. I like watermelon (sandia), and I like super awesome cars like that with nice curves baby!

This is Patch again! Still can't pick out much detail, he's very black indeed.

I popped my new silk scarf from lush around his neck, and he pranced about for a bit. Very proud of himself indeed.

The first installation of the work for Mindo, Ecuador. Second part to come soon.

I couldn't sleep very well last night, so at about 2am I decided to get all the rubbish out of my head, and write down a list of things I want to do this year.
(I keep a book for writing down ideas/poetry/writing/songs/thoughts by my bed especially for occasions such as these. Sometimes I wake up, read them, and think WHAT THE HELL?! Other times, I wake up, read them, and think... ahhhhh everything is so much clearer!)

hehe, thats all for now,


  1. good to hear from you, awesome idea! awesome dog and awesome list! :D

  2. cheers dear! Hope Geneva is lurvvvvvely :) Its such nice weather here, I'm out in the garden in the sunshine, anticipating sunburnt face later! Hope you're enjoying yourself! I'll be starting my giveaway possibly in the next 2 weeks, and it will be with a twist! :) x