Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lilies, Mixtapes & Anthology

I bought myself some stargazer lilies the other day to brighten my room. I might paint them soon. It is once again a beautiful day in Fal. I could get used to this... I can't wait for the summer holiday. 

Though that in itself is a pretty scary thing, because if I don't decide to stay in Falmouth for a year after the course, then this will be my last summer here! But, I think the chances of me moving out of Fal are pretty slim. I just need to find some people to live with to make that step from being in a crowded studio to being alone in my room a little easier. Also I need to get a job here if I want to stay. And although pot washing is a job, I don't think £24 a week is going to cover anything. Probably back to care home work for me!

Ok, so about these mixtapes... I've mentioned them before haven't I? Well, I'll leave it at that then. Look forward to seeing some Jazzily designed covers for them! 

I finished my Mindo project, and here are the 2 finals. They will be shown to the provincial government in Ecuador, and I think (if not, I stand corrected) but I think there was mention that the President of Ecuador Mr. Rafael Correa (who looks remarkably like a friend of mine) might get to see them too! When I was in Ecuador I was having a look around the capital Quito, and saw (or didn't see) him in his blacked out car emerging from his presidential palace. Which I have to say is a pretty impressive palace. And he's a pretty cool guy might I add. I would say he's possibly the best president Ecuador has seen in a long while, but thats because I don't really have a comparison... anyway. He might see my work, and thats a bit of a shock.

Anyway, here are the finals, and its not something I normally do, so things went wrong here and there, and I'm pretty sure, given a year or 2 I could make them look how I want them to look, but here they are, as they stand. 

 The first is of the main street in Mindo, with all traditional houses. This is what we want the government to endeavor to build. Some are existing houses.

The second is of Mindo with all modern buildings and the trappings of a modern city. This is definitely what we don't want to encourage. As Mindo is essentially a town where eco-tourism is its mainstay, we want to keep it as organic-looking as possible. While still taking into consideration the needs of the townspeople, which can be met whilst keeping traditional housing. 
Mindo is a cloud forest nature reserve in the Andean region of Ecuador. Situated 2 hours from the capital, it boasts a huge biodiversity of bird life and plant life among other things. 
It is an absolutely astounding place of natural beauty, and I hope that it will be kept that way, and that the town itself will be improved to make it as much of an attraction as the Galapagos... so that not only on weekends will tourists arrive, but all through the week, sustaining a healthy community that welcomes and embraces eco-tourism and eco-tourists instead of just seeing them as a way to make a fast buck. I would love to see Ecuadorians in general engage with tourists, and to be fair, the ones in industry do. But it would be nice to see people taking their own jobs and being passionate about them, like a few of the people I have met.

Anyway, enough ideal world speech... have you elected me as Miss Ecuador just yet? haha


Now I'm working on an anthology with a university in England, which will be published at a later date. We have 9 illustrators working on the book, (including me) and all the pieces of writing are by students from the university (which university escapes me at the present moment.) So I have to illustrate 2 or 3 pieces by Wednesday, all in black and white. I'm hoping to have fun with these ones! 

Ok, thats all folks!


  1. The Mindo work looks great, Steph! You definitely managed to make the first one look more appealing.

  2. cheers dear! hows home n everything?

  3. I have now added Ecuador to my list of places to visit!
    Very exciting news you have shared here, good for you!!
    Geneva is treating me well and your postcard is on your way oh and your giveaway comes with a twist? nice!! :D

  4. Not too bad, thanks!
    Very behind though on Macmillan and have yet to start Professional Practice or HACS... Ah well, maybe tomorrow, haha.

  5. haha yeah I haven't started those yet, been working on other projects as you can see. Bah I really don't like HACS or prof prac.

    Romina... Awesome! Ecuador is deffo worth a visit. I'm excited for the postcard! Indeed the giveaway will come with a twist... I think I remember what the twist was going to be... possibly something about mixtapes... Im hoping the mystery of receiving a tape will spur people on to dig out an old tape player!