Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bird/Cage, More Anthology & Brownies to die or not to die for

So I just finished one illustration for an upcoming anthology... only one or 2 more to go by the end of the day.

Its not my style, and I'm not too proud of it, but it will have to do. I wish I was well enough to have given it my all, but alas, I had a major funk yesterday. I want to say that almost always my slumps will creep up on me near to a deadline. I need to take time out to go outside, breathe, drink water, eat delicious brownies, and have a spring clean of my mind. Generally this involves me becoming a big blubbing mess, and then drawing/painting something completely unrelated, and learning a new song on guitar and singing. It takes a late night, utter emotional exhaustion and tiredness for me to get it out, and then to wake up the next morning with a clearer head. 
For example, yesterday I had NO idea how to tackle this illustration, and then this morning/midday I took a shower, and poof! It just popped into my head. Sometimes I think too hard about one thing and can't see the wood from the trees.

It is thanks to my enduring friends that put up with my wailing, complete illogical rambles, and exasperation, that I can come through the bad days, and be ok in the morning.
Because everything is better when the sun is up.

So here's the illustration. At the very least, it is done.


  1. You might not be so fond of it, but I really like it!

    Keep on believing in that sunshine baybeh. I'm so honoured to be your friend ❤