Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tweak, Type & Broke

So I added some type to the baker tom design today.
And filled out some forms to get some help with money today.
I hate owing money, and feeling poor, I really want a job, but there doesn't seem to be many down here. Plan of action to hand applications into Falmouth hotels should be put into action this Wednesday.

List of things to do-

Paint the rest of the chameleon
Start more sketches of Mindo for the brief
Visual Studies Catch Up
History & Contextual Essay 2500 words (for Monday)
Professional Practice essay
Backup work and brief for Baker Tom (write up)
Fill out forms and write a letter to accompany
Get a financial advisor appointment to check through it with me
Present information frog project on Monday
Hand out CVs to hotels
Stop chiropractors appointments,
Pray that I can get some shifts at work! 


  1. Hotels are great. They'll be recruiting now ready for Easter surely? I always found life modelling a good earner - short hours, high pay. Bingo!

  2. If I had the body and the self confidence, then I would consider it! But I would probably be posing for people around uni, not good! lol