Friday, 4 March 2011

Sketchbook, Barcelona Zoo & More Gumbo

As I promised, some sketchbook work, and some work in progress photos for my barcelona zoo poster.

I have to finish this one off soooon! I'm already past deadline, but I've been working on lots of projects today. 

So far for negotiated, I've completed a design for Baker Tom, (see previous post)
and done most of the painting for Barcelona Zoo,
now I'm onto working on artists impressions of a cloud forest city for planning etc in Ecuador. 
It sounds jazzy, but its really just like those architectural washy watercolour things that you see around, and no I'm not designing a badass jungle tree town in the sky... it really is an actual town. 

Anyway, thats all for now, once again I promise to put up some Barcelona sketchbook work soon. 

Over n out!


  1. I love that poster - such beautiful colours... wish all posters were that classy. Can we have a close up of the eye?

  2. sure thing! Its not that detailed though. Sally is looking amazing! I now have to write an essay of my choice on natural history and the accuracy/inaccuracy factor through the ages. Going to mention Alexander Marshall and his out of scale miniature animals next to huge flowers :) But agh. I hate essay writing.

  3. Nice choice of artist - love the old ones - so querky! The perspective is always so inconsistent as well. I saw these webpages and thought you may want to check them out (not for the essay precisely, but for general purousel). Not sure if you have heard of this lady? Seemed quite cool though.