Sunday, 13 March 2011

Chameleon Progress, New Job & Sunny Fal!

 I finally kicked myself into gear and am finishing my chameleon poster for Barcelona Zoo. 
Thank God! I kinda just want it out of my hair so as I can concentrate on doing this project for my friend Jon in Ecuador.

So here's some progress pictures

 I recently got a job at the local Italian washing dishes... which is a big step up from caring for old people... or should I say, its a big drop in responsibility, which I'm grateful for. I'll still be working at the nursing home when I'm in Plymouth, but for term time, dish washing suits me fine. It may even be easy enough for me to do almost every night of the week, as it turns out to only be a couple of hours a night, which can easily be squeezed in around uni work. 

I'm also happy because I get to practice my Spanish, and possibly learn Brazilian Portuguese and Italian! So, its a great multi-tasking time for me :) I'm just excited because I wanted to learn Italian next, and then this job pretty much lands in my lap (thanks to my housemate Gillian), and voila! An opportunity to learn Spanish. I think the Italian chef is up for teaching me, as long as I teach him English. He tried saying something about Mr. Bean last night, and I thought he was just saying something odd in Italian, oh dear! The boy needs to learn to speak slower and not join every word together! hehe. Should be fun to teach him.

Falmouth is super sunny today! I'm going to the beach for a bit after I complete this poster, have a cup o tea and a brownie maybe. 

Over n out! I'll show you the completed poster soooon. And then during the week I'll put up the proper poster that has all the text on it. 



  1. another blog for you:

  2. OH! I love the colors, the composition and the eye as an O! good one!
    Beautiful work :) oh and your lettering came out so nice and clean too. :D

  3. Guess who :P
    I haven't been logged in to fb for a long time and I don't intend to either, so don't think I've been ignoring anything on there! I just want you to know that I still check your blog and drool over everything you post.

    Honey, I don't just say this because I am your One True Love And Obvious Life Partner: your work is simply amazing. I mean, it blows me away, every time. And I sincerely hope that whatever line of work I end up in, I one day get the opportunity to call you and say "Steph, I need you to do a job for me". Honestly. I think more people need to see what you can do.


  4. Cheers dear! You know that when this sends a message to my inbox it says your name is Matt... lol, it was very confusing to begin with! Cheers Mica, hope to see you soon, Easter is around the corner xx

  5. great artwork!! is that water color? you got talent there, keep up the good work