Monday, 14 February 2011

Healthy, Healthy and Not So Healthy Barcelona

Alright! So I've decided that after a week in Barcelona eating pastries, chocolate and other unhealthy things, that I should probably get with the program and start eating healthy...properly. As much as I loathe calorie counting diets, I'm attempting to stick to a recommended intake for each meal. In the morning I'll be starting off with a breakfast smoothie of yummy fruit with a dash of milk, water and agave nectar (a sugar replacement, low GI, a lot healthier.) But all in moderation! 200cal for the breakfast smoothie. I'll be trying out a green tea breakfast smoothie once I can get the hang of it.
I've stocked up on seeds, nuts, and dried fruit or ryvita breads for snacks. I prefer to pick at food, so nuts and seeds are ok, I just have to keep an eye on my intake because of the high fat content. 
So I packed a little tin (the size of a graze box punnet thing) with all the above for mid morning/afternoon craving combatant. 

Then lunch... shall be 'be good to yourself soup' and a salad with apple cider vinaigrette, olives, pickled mini gherkins etc and a sprinkling of seeds and cress. 300cal maximum

Dinner... to be decided. Possibly soup and salad again, with yoghurt for pudding. 
Or a low fat pasta/rice dish of some kind. I'll think about that later! 400 cal maximum

I'm so happy to have a new blender... never owned a proper fancy one, so its a revelation. I bought myself a fruit rack so as I can see all the delicious food, and I'm starting to sprout my own salads again! Since my room tends to be quite cold, I'm not too worried about food spoiling fast. 
What else... back to the tea drinking, as I have been somewhat lax at sitting down for a nice cuppa green tea lately. Still can't find the 2 bags of green tea and jasmine from Ecuador... I'm sure it will turn up somewhere :S. 
And superfoods... I went to the Natural Store in Falmouth, and bought myself some Maca and Lucuma powder. Superfoods of the Incas. Maca tastes rubbish, and I can't stomach it to be honest, but Lucuma was thankfully more agreeable. I've ordered some Mesquite from them, so that should be in at the end of the week, in time to make healthier toffee popcorn! 

I'm waiting on 'The Happy Herbivore' book to arrive, a great vegetarian (not that I am one) cookbook full of delicious low fat vegetarian dishes with no insane ingredients that you have to search all over the world for. So I'm looking forward to cookin' up a storm and enjoying a more vibrant diet... full of beautiful green salad, fruits and veg! 

I'll be making more soup this week, I'm teaching a few friends how to make it, and trying to incorporate more veg into one of my friends diets. 

Thats all for now, pictures of delicious food to come, and Barcelona Study Trip Sketches to be uploaded soon!

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