Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Graze, Dancing & Onwards...Into the Land of Frogs!

Alrighty! I've been super busy... well, almost. What I should say, is that I've been unproductive and lazy boring slob. I can't wait to have a whole week in Barcelona dedicated to sketchbooking and wandering aimlessly around an unknown town! I've been a bit down lately, too much frog research to wade through and no play. I'll be glad once I can get onto the final and just crack on with a whole painting business! Here's some photos of the work I've already done for the project!

 oh, and this is some fabulous sushi I ate at the beloved tea shop!
sweet sushi tent wins!

 A very tired me! I'll start looking like a frog soon.

Agalychnis callidryas- Red Eyed Treefrog
underside view, top view and eye with 3rd eyelid (camouflaged position) Note all colourful parts of the frog are hidden under itself, and its red eye is covered by a vein patterned eyelid to keep itself from being noticed by hungry predators!

 Forest Bromeliad Frog and its eggs and tadpoles in a bromeliad cup!

And what better way to cheer yourself up by buying yourself flowers? I know its pretty sad that I have to buy flowers for myself, but seeing as I have no handsome man to buy them for me just yet, its either I buy them myself, or I just don't have flowers...and that is not an option! They cheer me up no end, and they bring my room to life. So I'll stick with being sad ol' me and carry on buying beautiful bouquets for myself :) This time its red and white tulips, lovely! 

Graze boxes are amazing I recently started getting them, they contain healthy nutritious snacks that are probably far better for you than that muffin you ate this afternoon! I got my first box free, and my second one half price, if you want to try it out, go and sign up on www.graze.com with this code Y7NHRH83.
There's no obligation to buy any boxes after the free one, and you can cancel really easily, so give it a go, you might find you love it! This week I got some beautiful olives, chocolate covered coffee bean mix, and some other goodies! 

On a side note, I should be going to see 'The King's Speech' soon, looking forward to it, looks like a very promising performance from Helena Bonham-Carter and that guy thats in it (whose name I can never remember.) 
Chiropractor has been clicking my back and neck and twisting and jolting different parts of my body... looks like I signed up to be beaten up! But I think its doing some good.... Apparently I was 2 inches longer in one leg than the other...thats no good is it! So she evened me out...thankfully not with a hacksaw... I seem to have wonky hips thats all.

Andreya Triana, Emancipator, Elvis Crespo and Zumba classes, all make me want to dance at the minute. I'm looking forward to a bit of cheeky dancing in Barcelona.
I must go now... for the land of frogs awaits me! Fare ye well!



  1. I like getting flowers for myself... I think it's good to do - a way of treating yourself :) Nice bromeliad by the way !