Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Frogs, Frogs & Coffee Beans

I'm rather hyper on chocolate covered coffee beans...
Which is good for my project, as I have now finished another illustration, have cleaned up another one, traced down another one, and am about to start painting that one. I've also put some of the illustrations into indesign in the ongoing poster template for this project, and it seems to be starting to come together! Thank god. 
Here's some of the illustrations

This piece took me all morning to first draw all the frogs, and then took me all night to scan, alter, get sizing just right, then select the outlines of the drawings I'd done, and then fill them in in block colour. I then proceeded to faff about with too many layers, got confused several times, numbered it wrong, before getting it right in accordance with a key on the poster. It is FINALLY done. I'm pleased with it... but that really was too much effort for something so seemingly simple. I have great respect for anyone who does this work.

Underside, birdseye and view of the nictitating membrane (a.k.a. third eyelid) with vein like pattern.
This shows the camouflage of Agalychnis callidryas (Red-Eyed Treefrog)

ok! two posts in one night, brilliant! 
I'm off to paint that other illustration! Praying mantis about to nab a Clown Frog! Woop!

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  1. I really like the layered frogs - very clever illustration, must have taken ages!