Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Fringe Trim, Wheat-Free Vegan Cookies & Tea

I've lopped off some more hair today, or more like the hairdresser did, and I made some scrummy wheat-free vegan cookies! 
I made them using a recipe for vegan raw cookie dough over here:

Evan's Cookie Dough HummusEvan's Cookie Dough Hummus

 I substituted peanut butter for 'rainforest nut butter' basically like peanut butter but made with brazil, macadamia and cashew nuts. Can you guess why I bought that instead of plain old cashew butter, as suggested in the blog of this lovely lady-

That's right... because it says 'rainforest' on it.

Anyway, after all that, I decided I didn't like raw dough mix, and I added in a bit of soy milk, or rice milk, whichever substitute you like more.
And I dolloped the mix onto a baking tray, (foil lined and greased...(unsure of any vegan product for that), or just get a non stick baking tray?))
 Then popped them in the oven for about 20mins, checking throughout.
and voilá!

Ta Da! 
I'm thoroughly surprised!

I had my assessment for the past half a year, and I've been getting high 2:1's throughout, and firsts, I'm particularly pleased with getting 75% on my latest project  (the frog one), that means I got a very good first indeed! 
Life drawing and visual studies all good, and HACS is a 2:1 across the board, I think maybe a 2:2 for one, but meh, its HACS.  (History and Contextual Studies)

Thats all for now! Some photos of Sketchbook work and other lovely things to come.


  1. My boyf runs a vegan food blog that mainly has cookies & desserts up atm ;P if I can make em anyone can