Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cooking, Cooking & The Chickpeas Never End

I shall now dub this side of my blog... what an illustration student eats... however, I'm the only person that eats these kinda things... well, these exact things at least. I assure you I eat a good amount of heinz baked beans, and every good student. 
Last night's spicy chickpea burgers seemed to go down well with some lime mayonnaise, and I think everyone liked them. 
To make Lime mayonnaise, you guessed it.. get a tablespoon of mayo, and half a lime, squeeze and mix together. Should be fairly runny, that means you'll have a good amount of lime flavour.
note- if you're picky with your taste in mayonnaise, but would like to eat lower fat mayonnaise, this is a great way to disguise the 'not so great' taste of the lower fat mayonnaises. But if you don't like lime... well, thats that out of the window.

Today's delight for my dinner has been a take on fajitas. Without the flour tortilla. 
How? How?! I hear you say! 
Well, I used nori (toasted seaweed sheets) instead! 
So tonights wraps were packed with salad, sweet pepper, spring onions, 3 falafels per wrap, and a good smattering of lime mayonnaise. Nice and cleansing for the palette, and better for you!

Here's how to do it

place nori sheets, non shiny side up, and arrange your salad. *heavier items in the middle, it rolls easier

Then add your falafel, leaving a big big of bare nori at the bottom of the roll. (falafels should be in a vertical line, picture taken from the wrong angle) big space at the bottom of the wrap.

Smother in lime mayonnaise, or any other dressing you would like... thai sweet chili sauce is another of my faves.

Then wrap it all up! 
Fold the bottom up (thats why you left the big gap at the bottom of the nori)
then fold in one side, tuck in and fold the other side over it. 
Then seal with some more lime mayo, or just run the lime segment along the edge. (water will do exactly the same job at sealing it)

 I'm not going to do the pun.

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