Saturday, 5 February 2011

Agitated, Kings Speech & Frog Finale

So today I'm feeling rather agitated. Its raining in Falmouth, everyone is going away before we do, so there aren't many people to see, or the ones that I can see are doing other things. So I'm stuck inside on a horrible rainy day. But I had to go and get travel things from boots, so I had to venture out in the bleak weather. On the way to boots I discover that my headphones have finally broken. Now of all times. Though I have to be thankful that they didn't break just before I got on the coach on Monday.
And I spent too much, all on essential things, but I still feel pretty pants about it. 
I tried to replace my ipod headphones, but they wanted £25 for a new pair of the same ones... ridiculous. So I had to get a £7 just doesn't feel the same. Ipod headphones have to be the most comfortable ones I've ever received. 
Anyway. So I decided to treat myself and go and sit in Provedore cafe today... but when I got there, it was closed. So that put a damper on that plan. And there wasn't really anywhere else I was in the mood for. Although the tea place is lovely, I just wanted to sit on my own, draw and not have someone interrupting my thoughts every 10mins. 

And I went to the cinema to check when the kings speech will be in there until. He said definitely this thursday, but he doesn't know after that. Fat lot of good that is! 

Geez I'm in a bad mood. I always get agitated after a project deadline, because I then have nothing to draw, or nothing to concentrate on... but really thats a blessing because I can then draw whatever I want. Trouble is choosing, and I'm just depressed about my sketchbook in general. I look back at the sketchbooks from first year and wonder how the hell I completed 3 in a year... This year I'll be lucky to complete 1, and we technically have less work on. Being IN Falmouth is definitely more of a distraction than I thought. 

Actual work... yes I managed to paint a frog for my project, 1/11 and scenery/foliage still to come.

 progress pic (halfway)

 whole poster

 close up finished frog (Phyllomedusa vaillanti)

Finished (to dummy standard) poster... I'm going to endeavor to finish the entire thing at some point so as I can have this for myself! Haha, so selfish.

anyway, thats it! 
I'm off to Barcelona.
See you guys later (hopefully with some super-wicked sketchbook work!)

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