Thursday, 13 January 2011

Wolfgang Weber, Frogs & Lost Land of the Volcano

I discovered an amazing wildlife artist today through another blog, link 
Wolfgang Weber never paints from photos, and does many sketches/paintings in field. Most if not all of his paintings are of wild animals. The movement, energy and emotion he can capture in his work is simply phenomenal. I was blown away by how well he can capture fleeting moments in his minds eye and reproduce it with such accuracy and feeling. I can only aspire to be able to see and translate images the way he can. 

There are several documentaries about him that I can't find anywhere... so if anyone comes across them while hunting, if they can link me to it that would be amazing. And I shall do likewise if I find it first. 
The documentaries include: 
'A Brush With Nature' 
'Drawn to the Wild'
both created by Götz Dieter Plage

He also has some fantastic books... one I fear may be only a limited run.
If anyone has or knows of a copy that someone is willing to sell, then I would definitely be interested.
The book is called 'Wolfgang Weber Wildlife Impressions' by AVES publications.
Its so good... but so out of reach!
Alright, here's his work!
of course, all images copyright Wolfgang Weber.

now isn't that something?

Frog research is coming along, I've done most of it before, so thats handy, and apparently we don't have to write an entire book in 4 weeks, we just need to design it, and give a rough idea of what the text would be about. (I'm hoping) else I sure have picked a massive project to tackle.
If I don't have to write anything too grand, I may well start artworks next week! Get as much done for it as I physically can.

Talking about physical limits... I've been watching Lost Land of the Volcano again, an absolutely breathtaking documentary on Mount Bosavi and the surrounding area in Papua New Guinea. If you take a look at the jungle lab, you can get an idea of the conditions I was working in in Ecuador. I love that kind of living, and I quite frankly can't wait to get back out into the field...somewhere. I think I may have to pick another continent before going back to South America so as I don't feel like I'm betraying Ecuador. Papua is on the top of the hit list, and Borneo or anywhere with jungle really. I'm thoroughly intrigued by Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia/Indonesia/Micronesian Islands too, and I'm stunned into silence by the mountain formations in the Yunnan province of China. Madagascar is also a hot spot for excitement about beautiful places/animals in my mind. I can't wait to explore!
I miss the jungle far too much. It is the place I feel most in existence. Like I am actually there in the real world, experiencing life how it is meant to be, a rugged dog eat dog existence.
There's a good man called Werner Herzog and his description of the jungle is intense... and all of it is meant as a compliment! Now there is a man who doesn't shy away from the ugliness of life, but embraces it. 

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  1. Hi, Steph,

    Yes, Wolfgang Weber certainly is one amazing, infuriatingly gifted artist. I was fortunate enough to buy a copy of his Wildlife Impressions but it is, as you say, a limited run and something of a rarity. The few copies I've seen for sale go for around the £600 - £800 mark. Expensive, but worthwhile in that you can browse the pages and the genius of the man at your leisure.

    I hope you find one for yourself, and if I see another for sale I'll let you know.

    All the very best,