Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sketchbook, On with Painting & Gary Long

I just thought I'd show you a page of my sketchbook from yesterday. Sometimes I promise myself that I will paint or draw every day... sometimes you just can't force yourself, and there is no need to. I find juggling my interests hard sometimes, as I'm sure we all do... but I seem to have picked everything that needs time. For example in any one day I can be painting/drawing, learning more songs on the guitar, singing, writing, at yoga class, brushing up on my Spanish, or learning all about tea or the rainforest. There are so many things I love to do... its hard to cement them all in a solid habitual practice. So I have to be patient with myself, and take the impulse to do whichever one of those I want to do. I also like sleep, so sometimes that gets done too. I feel like a person that requires a lot of sleep, and so I don't tend to be up until ridiculous times in the morning unless I get involved in a painting and I lose track of time...because I just can't get up early the next day and function properly. I think being a good artist is getting a good balance of rest and relaxation, a good amount of practice, and a good amount of just being in the world getting inspiration that your art can feed off. 
Anyway, back to the matter in hand... my sketchbook page.
I might post up some more sketchbook work if people are interested, I'll have to see what I've posted here in the past so as I'm not boring everyone.

This is my new soup ladle...just a spontaneous drawing whilst discussing with Will at what age would we both prefer to die, and how. 
Such a morbid topic...but you can really tell things about a person from these kinda things.
Ok, last subject is Mr.Gary Long, who I am privileged to have teaching my life drawing classes. An illustrator for many years, he made the move to teaching and painting and living off that income. 
A very talented man, and I feel like I have learned a lot from his classes.
He has a few styles which I will endeavor to show here.

I think the style I love the most is the blockier more colourful work. I'll be sad to see Gary leave in June/July, I can only hope he will create his own life drawing classes in the Falmouth area. 
I don't know what is happening to this course... it seems to be sacrificing far too much for far too little. I can only hope that my other lifeline Rachel is kept on. 

Thats all for this rainy afternoon!


  1. Great topic to talk about - death :) I also rather like 'what do you want doing with your body once it is dead?' - I'd like to be floated away on a raft on fire. Rather Arthurian and probably not allowed on the Thames. So maybe instead, if I am not allowed to be given this wish, I'd like to be fed to the lions in London Zoo.

  2. Yeah, thats what we talked about, and thats always been what I've wanted too funnily enough. Maybe not the zoo lions though.