Sunday, 16 January 2011

Shakespeare, Jazz & Other Natural History Artists

Hello there! I've not been too bad at this frequent blogging! We'll see if I can keep it up, even if it is just showing you some fabulous artists and not producing anything myself.

So I've had to budget myself now that I am working at the carehome very rarely. I pretty much have no money, and if you count what I owe my mother...well, you could say I am very much in a lot of minus moneys. I'm looking at creating an etsy store, as I keep on telling you guys... I just have no idea really what I would sell. However, earlier on this week I had an offer from a new gallery in town who would be willing to sell some of my prints or work, so I might dig out the old kingfisher prints as a test and see what he can do with them. All in all, I'm back to creating soups, trying not to eat a great deal, but while exercising too, so I reckon I'll be stocking up on canned beans and filling things that aren't too bad instead of all the deli produce that has been lining my fridge recently. While chorizo, cheese, chutney and olives are fabulous, I don't think they're doing amazing things for my waistline, nor my wallet for that matter.

Went to the lovely shakespeare themed party for my friends birthday, and had a beautiful time.
I am now the proud owner of a book of jazz poems... some are downright strange.

Ok, so artist of the day who I have been trying desperately to find out about to no avail is...
Inga Marciukaityte
A brilliant painter who inspires me to perhaps take natural history illustration down a slightly different path. 

I'd love to learn her technique, but well, that would be copying now, wouldn't it? 
Next blog installment is going to be about Ralph Thompson...if I remember.

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