Thursday, 13 January 2011

More Herzog, Bob Kuhn & CICADA FINISHED!!!

More from Mr.Herzog from the last post, or more should I say... Mark Anthony Yhap.

ok, enough! sorry for that, he's just has such a brilliant voice.

Ok, so the artist for this post is Bob Kuhn, another of my favorites. I've probably shown him to you guys before, but well, humor me.
All images copyright Bob Kuhn

 My favorite is the jaguar :)

 And now, roll up for the main event!!! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you... 
The finished Cicada!!!!

15-17 hours of good hard work, and I couldn't be more pleased.
Now all that's left to do is show it to my tutor and get some harsh feedback!

Pycna repanda
Himalayan Cicada

I'm sorry for all the images, as per usual its that time of night where decisions don't come so easy.

Alright! Thats all of them! PHEW! Now time for a shower and some well deserved tea and toast!
Guyaba jam...nom nom nom


  1. It's beautiful Stephanie - is it life size? Well done you - and in such sort time. Takes me so much longer!

  2. Thank you! I'm not sure, as I was using a really terrible reference image, but I'm sure it is roughly. Maybe a tad bigger.
    I'm pretty damn pleased with it, its funny how we can surprise ourselves sometimes. Hows the grapes?