Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Life Painting, Tea & Cake

It would appear that after that ferocious amount of blogging last week, that I am slowing down a bit now and starting to feel that I probably would never be able to keep on blogging such long posts daily. So it's back to the relatively regular posts instead of the daily. 

We did life painting this week instead of drawing, which was a lovely change of pace and I very self-indulgently did it in oils, as I never seem to have the opportunity to use them in my day to day work. I'd like to do some small studies though, so maybe that will happen someday.
Here's the finished painting, I spent most of the time painting the torso, and as usual thats the part im most happy with. It seems like I always leave the head until last, and that sadly affects the overall painting...the face being one of the first things people look at. I'd love to do a torso series, get into all those twisting muscles and shadows, lumps bumps and recesses. 
Still, not bad for 6 hours work.

sorry for gradually zooming in on the breasts! haha! I think the colour in reality is somewhere in-between the two close-ups. 

My book finally arrived today! Luka and the Fire of Life... looks beautiful! Niroot Puttapipat designed the cover. Amazing illustrator. 

I went and had sushi and tea with some of the guys from my course today, that was lovely. Then went to stones bakery to fill up on cake. Beautiful.
I might take a walk around the coast later, work permitting, then I have yoga in the evening. Brilliant day!

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