Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Life Drawing, All the Models are called Robert...apart from Andy & New Teas

Life drawing today was good, new model Robert is pretty good! The only male models that have been good thus far are 2 Roberts and an Andy. Still, here's the work from today!

Line drawing 20-30 mins

Portrait 20-30 mins

 Line drawing 

 Blind contour

 blind contour using both hands... orange for the left, blue for the right. 

2 minute gesturals

I also received my new glass teapot and teas today... there was one that tasted of aniseed which was rubbish. But the rest were alright, and the blooming dragon flower tea was beautiful! I will take a photo of the flower unfurling in the teapot next time I have it.

other than that, its back to work as per usual! Yoga starts again tomorrow, so I'm hoping that will ground me a bit. 
Looks like I'm going to be doing a project on the frogs of the amazon for the next 4 weeks! Hurrah! :)
I'm looking forward to it! 

Off to bed and to start reading my new Elizabeth Gilbert book!

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